It’s been a long time

Yesterday I received a surprising email from a long time old friend from Georgia. He’s one of the excellent musicians I have ever met online. I thought I had lost contact with him as I haven’t heard from him for more than two years. What a chance! I am thrilled to stay in touch with my friend again. As a saying goes, One enemy is too many, and a hundred friends too few. When I read the letters from our readers who are looking for friends, from time to time I am moved by their words. Don’t think they are just teenagers, they learn to cherish things they have. In this regard, I think the Chinese teenagers are more sophisticated than the western kids.
I am new to this new land of words. Thanks to my friend who is about leaving for the UK to study, I found the piece of land for myself to express my thoughts. I am sorry my messages are all long and in English. You know me, when thoughts flood in my head, fingers will dance crazily on the keyboard. I think my Chinese friends are smart enough to read this silly nut’s writing LOL, while many of my western friends do not understand Chinese. Hahaha… Chinese are smarter here!
I think I will update again at lunchtime. I took some working hours to set up this space for the time being. Please enjoy and leave your words if you wish.

2 thoughts on “It’s been a long time

  1. Sorry for not contacting you for a long time. I\’m still busy with my dissertation. Look forward to the day when I finish. 😀

  2. got ur message and come here to have a look~u r really efficient,huh?i just told u about my space last night and u created urs and linked mine quickly…..really admire ur efficiency,hahahhahahha

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