waiting for the end of the day

Oh my god! Still have an hour before off-work. What an afternoon! The butterflies are still in my stomach. We new employees had a little test in the afternoon about our job duty, the company and the regulation of the company. My mind was blank when I was asked those "tough" questions. There must be something wrong with me today–I have been absent-minded. I didn’t achieve much in the office today. I feel like I am somnambulating most of the day.    
I received the first pay slip after my probation. Gosh! How come the digets are smaller than I expected!!! There must be something wrong here. When I interviewed, my interviewer promosed me an appealing number. However, the interviewer has resigned for weeks, and now I received WAYYYYYYYYYY less than he had promised me!!!!     Tomorrow we will have a meeting about our perplexion on the salary.
I definitely won’t miss it!!! Or I have to send an email to my interviewer to ask WHY!!!!
What a day! I am all bummed out!

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