Sound Editing

Today I had my articles recorded as part of my editorial duty. It’s so funny that the native English speaker stuck at a Spanish word appeared in the article about Argentina. It took she and I quite some time to figured out the pronunciation. Ushuaia–does anyone knows how to read this name? It’s a place in the southern part of Argentina. Gees, I thought my lame Spanish could help a little bit in pronunciation, well, actually the speaker knows some Spanish but she still had no idea how to pronounce it. In the end, I told her to pronounce a sound according to the Chinese translation of that place. LOL. When it came out of her mouth, it sounded like Japanese to me. Hahaha…I must be gifted for Japanese but not Spanish. Just kidding! 


I was kinda occupied with work today–sound editing+correction. Oh, tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!! TGIF(=Thank God Is Friday) I learn it from my Yankee friend tonight. LOL


I was daydreaming at work that during the National Day Vacation Week, I will appear up in the Inner Mongolian Prairie with azure sky above and verdant grassland beneath!!!! Hahaha… 


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