A shocking webpage about CHINA TODAY!

Please click on the link above, you will see some shocking pics about CHINA TODAY. The discrepancy between rich and poor in the society is becoming more and more obvious!!! Even myself as a city girl, I see the difference and feel sorry for those living in the rural areas in the country–SAD and SYMPATHIC!!! You will see a particular controversial pic–a rich mother took her son to have his shoes polished by a poor mother whose back carrying a baby.
You will randomly see several shots about the "usual" scenes in China–Old western guy with young Chinese chicks; angry men how to express themselves with banner on the street (silent protest). Enjoy!!!

3 thoughts on “A shocking webpage about CHINA TODAY!

  1. *sigh* These differences and social problems are common in GZ… and the worst thing it\’s the indifference of the people towards these problems…

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