Whimsy about friendship

Today is SATURDAY!!! My day-off makes me more lazy…I suddenly have some thoughts about friendship. There is one kind of friend that they only remember you when they need your help. Obviously, I am not wanted for help at this moment, so I am not on the call…LOL
I guess I got the shopping fever lately…whenever I saw the on sale summer clothes, I went nuts!!!! Something is changing me…I guess it would be the mags I am reading–I have been reading many US teen mags and "Cosmopolitan", I bet my old friends who haven’t seen me for ages will be shocked at my taste of clothings–what a change! I was a tomboy, I am trying to balance that image though. I am changing every day…but deep down inside me, I am still puzzled about what a human being I am….Appearance doesn’t make the judgement.

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