Work Like A Slave!

Well, well, well, I finally got over the hump of the week. What a day! I thought I would be kinda "free" after some hectic days for the Oct. issue but NOT YET!!! Some ideas about Nov. issue popped up on my head while I was working at something else. So I had to do research and all that stuff…it took time to straighten out the storyline. I am still thinking about how to arrange the articles though…sometimes there is none to write about and I gotta think something to put into the column; while sometimes too many articles are awaiting to be in print and I gotta arrange the order. Anyway, I had a "time flies" day today. Hope tomorrow I will feel the same, then it’ll be FRIDAY!!!! Hahahah…start dreaming about how to spend the weekend now.
What a surprise that I received a "lost-contact" friend from Asian Wall Street Journal. She recommended me to be an interpreter for her colleague who is the reporter of Far Eastern Econimic Review. Too bad! I am working full time now and cannot take this "quick-buck" job!!! Another sadness as being a full-time employee–work like a slave every day except Sat. and Sun.  

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