Bad luck!

Today was supposed to be a hectic day…I spent some time in the afternoon to search some animation pictures, however, viruses hacked my pc and all my favorite websites were gone!!!! I couldn’t do what I was supposed to do but moreover, I had more problem to solve. Gees, it took days for me to collect all these websites–"Rome was not built in a day." but now… I  could only connect some back…Darn!!!
I started to feel work pressure now. The pressure is I want to finish my work asap, but no matter how fast I try to cope, the work seems never end… I gotta work again now.
Actually I was a bit depressed today. Some people are the fortunate children of God, while some are not. I know my path of life is more zigzagging than those of my peers…

2 thoughts on “Bad luck!

  1. hey….acutally u r also a lucky person cos after all u have a job..and u r also enjoying ur life…just cherish everything that u have now…

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