Typhoon hurry wakes me up!

I don’t feel quite myself today as well, although it is FRIDAY! I found out a friend has been deceiving me–hiding something from me for long. Yes, I should learn to be smarter after this lesson…Panda comforted me that I should not dwell on the sad issue, above all, I should not angry or even hate myself that much if the mistake was made. Well, I try not to. I am disillusioned now. I tell myself I won’t buy the lying truth from this friend anymore!!! Typhoon hurry wakes me up!!!!
曾几何时很讨厌Cinderella的两个黑心的姐姐,但当我回想起自己的过去,觉得有时人也在不惊意中变得那样自私。Selfishness, everyone has. I don’t see it as a bad character but a harmful one to the others. I was treated like a doll because of selfishness; and I once envied other people’s happiness with my selfish heart. I thought about if I had the necessity for a therapy or something…until I sobbed for the little girl who could not afford schooling in the northwestern China, I knew I had a great heart for the unfavorable children of GOD. I have the empathy because my fate is alike to theirs but developing in a better way. May God bless these poor kids and help me to conquer the selfishness in me. Amen! 
今日从她的blog里得知这位要好的老友说,尽管我们认识这么久,但其实你并不了解我。我顿感惊讶、心伤与失落…… 没错,“酒逢知己千杯少,话不投机半句多。” 我明白为什么父亲“与酒共友"和"无人明白” 的感受。俞伯牙和钟子期的“高山流水觅知音”恐怕在21世纪的今天比恐龙蛋还珍稀啊!幸好作为一个城市猎人,有手机、电邮、webcam,还有voice chat,这种难寻知心人的空虚并没有显得像一无所有时那么容易被察觉。
I have my pc fixed by a wiz in the company. Hopefully the anit-virus software can stifle the darn worms for the time being. Maybe because of the coming of the fall, I am easily moved by things happen to me. Anyhow, I shall slow down my tempo on the weekend. Having a crying game perhaps is a good outlet to burst of my steam. Why not?!

2 thoughts on “Typhoon hurry wakes me up!

  1. Never mind! Your remark wasn\’t the trigger of all my message. I just vent in words…after that I feel better. You have done nothing wrong. I am find, cheer buddy! 🙂

  2. hey……i don\’t know my words hurt u so much..but just take it easy..cos i have told u that i even don\’t know much about myself…so ..don\’t be sad..hehe.. maybe….it\’s my own problem…

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