Communication struggle 2

Have you heard this joke?
A: My ears got burnt!
B: How?
A:I was ironing when the phone rang. Instead of picking up the phone I picked up the iron.
B:That must’ve hurt!
A:To say the least.
B:Let’s get this straight: you said you burnt both ears. Right?
B:How on Earth did you burn the other ear?
A:The person called again.
 Is that funny? I will use it for the "Speak Up" column in the Nov. issue. My ear is really hot as it was burnt–I had a longgggggg convo with my friend on the long-distance phone call. Let me see, tick-tock,tick-tock…it’s about 90min. I guess this should be the longest phone call I ever had with my friend. In the past, our talk didn’t last for five minutes. I was amazed how long we could talk on the phone this time. Although my ear was a little sore, I felt happy to hear my friend’s voice with constant coughs. I wish my friend will get well soon. I say my prayer for you, my dear friend!  
Somehow I felt closer with my friend after the phone call. Perhaps that’s the power of voice. Haha…for someone like me so sensitive to sound, I really enjoy hearing my friend’s voice. When I heard my friend coughing on the phone, I was worried. At this point, I noticed my care and concern to my friends were there, and even more to this special friend, who has helped me a lot. Thank you, my dear friend!
My quote: The greatest thing in life is to love and be loved in return.

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