Hectic week begins…

Almost every Monday the minute I sat down at my office desk, I had to connect where I was at the unfinshed business last week…Today my mind worked even earlier–the ideas for two columns in the mag  popped up on my head out of the blue when I was getting ready to leave for work. I wrote them down in a long list of "must do" after I sat down at my office desk this morning. And I continued to unseal dozens of letters from our readers on the desk…
After work, I have to complete my "must buy" list for my dad’s birthday and the Mid-autumn Day (a traditional holiday in China). Oh gosh, I will be really busy today.
My friend yesterday told me he was "aghast" at a blog that I found. I am still skeptical if he was really "aghast" or "against". I am getting to like the narration of "Desperate Housewives", because the narration tells the nature of human beings. Some people believe they will get rid of trouble if they hide the secret nicely–they lie, not only lie to others but lie to themselves; some people are worried because they are afraid the secret will be disclosed while some people are happy as they know the weakness of the liars.
My friend told me this morning that he felt bored to read the literary book which I lent him, named "The Bay of Angels".
I asked him, "Why don’t you like reading the book?"
"Too boring…I read four hours straight but the story still moves very slowly, no climax!"He complained with reason.
"All right. You want something with action at the beginning of the story like…" 
"Mystery,murder and dectective stories!" He replied without a second.
"I got it! How about I lend you my Sherlock Holmes series?" I said.
"I have read them–every story." He seemed dissatified.
"Umm..what are you gonna do then?" I asked.
"I gotta grab some more books from the bookstores these days…"
"Oh again?! Why do you have so much time reading? Read, read, read, almost everytime I see you, you are reading…You know, your house has NO place to store the books if you continue buying more…" I started to advise him.
"Hey, but I feel bored without anything to do. Only reading keeps me busy and occupies my time." He countered.
"Alright. Someday I shall show you the library here and you just sit there read, how about that?" I suggest.
"I hope the library has English books…that’s better. In the States, most of the books I read were borrowed from local libraries." He said.
"Yes, there are many old and new arrivals… You should take a look there."
Today, in the 21st century, the Internet plays a key role in communication and information domains, especially so in the big cities. I am sometimes touched by my friends who still carrying a book in the hand at leisure. It takes me months to finish a 200-page book but it only takes a few hours for my friend to finish it. What a shame!!! I reckon when you are not a bookish person, you will always find excuse for yourself not touching the book. Moreover, I see the difference between my friend and me in book selection–When we are in the bookstore, the first impression of a book to him is the author’s name and the content; while I was captivated by the delicate book cover and genre of the writing. I must admit my friend indeed is a reader while I am totally a collector.
During I am updating my blog, I received another pile of readers’ letters….Oh my!!! Gotta shoot, working slave!!!!

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