Sleeping Weekend

又一个周末这样结束了……我做了些什么呢?什么也没有,睡觉就是最大的收获。哈!朋友问及工作闷吗?无可奈何,不知如何回答,事实上的确有郁闷的时候,不过很大程度还要看心情。干劲来了,自然工作奋发起来;不过最难受的还是吃过午饭后要战胜昏昏欲睡的睏意,因此周末是“睡眠充电”的最佳时间。不知不觉,毕业已有两个多月了,现在脑袋里能够想起的都是工作上的东西,郁闷!~~恐怕当我再次回到校园时,那种蠢蠢欲动的求学心已荡然无存。悲哀!~~不过其实我都好希望有那么一天可以重返校园充充电的。真的好奇怪,读书时总盼望工作的日子,到真的工作了,就怀念校园生活。这就是做人的矛盾???我时刻提醒自己不要像“Sophie’s World” 内所说的“安逸于兔子绒毛里的生活”,那会麻木知觉和淹没了探索的精神。警示、警示!!!
What have I done in the past week that I feel so exhausted on the weekend? I know I cannot sleep so sweet the coming weekend because I will be in Hong Kong. If I could stay in HK long enough till the following Monday, I could see the opening of HK Disneyland. Well, I will definitely make a visit there someday if not now. The new semester has begun, think back, I was getting ready for my military training this time four years ago… When I see the students going to school now, I will think of my yesterdays… Time really flies, I have been out of school for over two months. I still can’t believe I am a working girl now–I thought the past few months of working was my internship. LOL. I miss school days but when I was at school I anticipated my working days… How contradictory I am! But only workers are deserved to have “Labor Day” not students right? Then I’m glad that I am a worker now. In the past, studying and sleeping played two important parts in my life; now working and sleeping are the important elements of my life. You see, SLEEPING is really something! If a beggar says “I can’t live without food!”; a thief says “I can’t live without money!”; a poet says “I can’t live without love!” and I say “I can’t live without sleeping!” LOL I must’ve heard too much of BUSH’s talk…talking too much BULL. LOL

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