When I am picking presents for my Dad…

I spent sometime tonight to do some groceries shopping, in the meantime, I selected two gifts for my dad as his birthday presents.  My feet are really sore now after standing and walking so much–my feet actually are injured these days and the walking tonight may aggravate the pain. But the pain was worth it as I got two nice gifts finally after being so fastidious about the "perfect" ones that my Dad would like. When I couldn’t make up my mind, I asked my friend for suggestion. Our conversation was in English which amazed the salesgirls.
They both said to me with appreciation, "Your English is so good. I am so envious…Hearing you two speaking in a strange language, it’s all Greek to me!"
"Nah, it’s very simple, if you learn it, you can speak like me." I responsed in a modest way. (Chinese custom) That salesgirl kept praising me until we said goodbye to her. LOL 
The other salesgirl in the supermarket even asked me, "You speak English so well, you must’ve been living overseas for a long time."
Haha, heavens know!  I corrected her surmize, then I got what I wanted and left shyly. Later my friend asked me, "Didn’t ya say ‘yes’ to that salesgirl’s surmize?"
"No, I was honest to everyone except to those pompous Shanghaiers and the peacock Charles in the American Consulate, for example." I replied in a mean tone.
Hahaha, we both chuckled on our way home… 

2 thoughts on “When I am picking presents for my Dad…

  1. Oh wow!!! Haven\’t heard from you for a while, you\’ve got a fiance. He must be very nice-looking as you\’re so beautiful. You\’re good at language too. I can tell from the way you handle Chinese. I think the most important thing in learning a language is LISTENING. The more we listen to the natives, the more accurate we can pronounce. I see the differences between studying English and Japanese/Spanish. The latter two languages progress very slowly…I seldom listen to the native tones, nor practise speaking them. Must I be required to sign in your blog? I log on the site but it always requires me to input password and email address.

  2. Yeah, because you never spent any time abroad yet, right Karen? But your English is stellar and very impressive. Learning languages is fun! Now I\’m trying to keep up my Chinese (just when I meet people from China here) and learn Portuguese because of my fiance. He\’s from Brazil. Any language learning tips and strategies? I\’m trying to read my Bible in English and Portuguese and that seems extremely helpful, as well as listening to some cool (reggae-style) Brazilian music and finding the words on the internet. What do you think of vocabulary cards/ learning individual words or lists of words (perhaps related in groups). What ways work best for you? Talking with native speakers helps a lot, right?Amy

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