I made up these jokes with several useful English idioms. I will have them published in the teen mag. Enjoy and get a laugh!!!

How Many Ways Can I Express My Emotions?


by Karen Clark


(About laughter)

A: Hey! What’s up?

B: I am watching Mr. Bean.

A: Cool! You know, everytime I watch it, I am in stitches.

B: Yeah. I just can’t keep a straight face. I once got into trouble because of Mr. Bean.

A: Really? What happened?

B: I burst out laughing in class when I was thinking of Mr. Bean’s stupid acts.


(About happiness)

A: It’s a beautiful day, I feel on top of the world!

B: I couldn’t agree more. I have some good news for you. I bet you will be over the moon about it.

A: Wow, I can’t wait. I am all ears!

B: You’re hired! Congratulations! You are now Mr. Donald Trump’s new apprentice!

A: Oh, my! I will be on cloud nine for weeks from this moment on.


(About anger)

As roads become busier, road rage is becoming more common. Ben Smith, 43, from London, was trying to park his car yesterday when another driver got in ahead of him. Smith saw red, jumped out, shouted at the other driver and started kicking the man’s car, causing 800 worth of damage.

Smith told police later, “I don’t know what got into me. I’ve never done anything like that before. I just lost it.”


(All Kinds)

A: What do you think of the horror movie?

B: It leaves me cold.

A: I feel quite differently from you though. I am scared to death.

B: Oh come on! It’s just a movie. I am more worried about tomorrow’s dentist appointment.

A: Don’t tell me you are on edge now. Ha, the dentist should have appeared in the horror!


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