Farewell Party

I had a small gathering with my high school classmates last night. It’s been a while that I haven’t met them. This was the first time we got together since we started working. In the meantime, it was an occasion to see my friend off, who is going to study in the UK next week. Her girly new look amazed me a bit–straightened long hair, a pair of clip-on earrings, a new pair of frameless glasses, rosy pink top, crystal bracelets on both wrists and a black-and-white ring on the left middle finger. She has really changed a lot in appearance!!! I started to wonder if studying overseas would change somebody’s characters as well as appearance; or if it would change these qualities afterwards, I mean after the person returns from abroad.
I raise this quesition because I have observed young people who return from overseas and who are going abroad, they’ve more or less changed a bit. And I don’t know what makes strangers mistake me for a non-Mainlander from time to time, although I speak NO English in front of them. Just strange!!!
Our convo went smoothly and fun. One is working in a software company as a translator technician; one is working in a HK-run accounting firm; one is working in Bank of China as a clerk (she told me she’s not a teller) and one is working in a magazine company as an editor–heehee, that’s me! The princess in the entire evening was of course my friend Wendy–a pre-postgraduate student of Westminster Univ. UK. I noticed our topic for the night mainly focus on Banking Services and Credit Cards–quite different from that in the previous time when we were still univ. students. I am a complete idiot in terms of banking…cos until now I still believe bringing cash out is way more convenient than a credit card. And when I used the ATM machine for the first time after I worked, I was so panicky that the ATM machine would swallow my card. AMOF(=as a matter of fact), I learned a lot from my friends, especially the one who works in the bank.(She used to be my desk mate–a very friendly smart girl.) She showed us her precious BeiJing 2008 Olympic Visa card whose back was endorsed with her name. I’ve been hearing about credit card’s advantages from my colleague and friends, but I am not tempted to try though. Ha! Stereotyped me!!!
We tried two plates of yummy sashimi in a Japanese rest. last night. The wasabi was really HOT–it burned my nose, eyes and forehead!!! I haven’t tasted such strong wasabi before, just a little bit, it already burned you up!!! I liked other dishes too, like the noodle with a little sweetness and the pancakes. The tea was not bad, too. Good choice, girls!!!! Later the night, when we were parting, I suggested Wendy give hugs to her best mates, and she did except giving the person who suggested this idea. Haha, never mind! I believe I stand by her spiritually. On our way home, we chatted a bit about the high expenses in London and also to those who are getting ready to study abroad. It needs so much fortune to realize this overseas-study dream!!! –Not only an arm and a leg… but more!!! Nevertheless, the idea to see the world is brilliant which has been intriguing me a great deal.
Today was a rainy and cloudy day. I guess it will rain in HK too. I wonder how come it always rain when I visit HK–last month was typhoon for me, what about this time, huh, God? Because of the terrible weather this morning, I took a motorbike ride to work–my first time to work by motorbike. It cost the same as that of the previous time when I went to a univ. campus but the journey was twice as long. What a ripped-off!!! (but I felt safe about the trip which was more important.)

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