A trip with disappointment

I spend a weekend in HK, hoping to meet two friends in addition to my last-minute shopping before the summer sales is over. However, I could see neither of my friends–a new friend from Japan and an old friend who is leaving for the UK next Thursday. Both of their phones were not answered in spite of my numerous tries. What a bummer!!! My new friend told me to feel free to call after I arrived in HK, and I did…what happend was nobody answered the phone; my old friend promised me to give me a hug when we met in HK, and I did call the number she gave me, also nobody answered the phone. I felt quite upset and a bit p.o. @ them. That’s what friend should be??? –liar!!! 
Ironically, the sales girl in the shoes store has the same English name as my friend who is leaving for the UK–how could I NOT remember her although I couldn’t see her in HK?
Sept 12 is a big day in HK–HK Disneyland is open! So almost everywhere I went in HK, I could hear news report, music and passer-bys’ convo about HK Disneyland; I could see posters, ads and on-sale items about HK Disneyland; and I could feel the joy of kids and their parents in the mall about this event. Visitors and local HKers took pics in front of some big billboards of HK Disneyland, and they took part in the activity of the pre-celebration of the opening of Disneyland. I can say almost everywhere you go, you won’t forget this big event on Sept 12 in HK.
On Sat evening, I watched a brilliant Spanish flamenco dance in HK Cultural Center. Thanks to the binoculars I prepared, I could see the far-away performance closely although my seat was in the last row upstairs, which was the farthest from the stage in the theater house. The role dancer was so excellent, especially her amazing footwork. I could see her serious look on the face when she concentrating her movement; her arms, body and legs were full of strength. I could say I had never seen a dancer dancing with such intensive look–NO SMILE AT ALL. Besides her dances, the costume–the long dress and the shawl appealed to me a lot. When she was spinning her body with her feet rhythmically tapping the ground, her dress flared out just like a blooming flower. So beautiful!!! I was amazed how swift her nimble feet could tap on the ground following the quick change of guitar playing. Actually other dancers were not bad, too. A man dancer was a special guest and he danced pretty well, especially when he and the role dancer challenging  one another. The performance helped me to know about the Spanish culture much better…I just love the guitar playing. The music was fantastic, and from time to time, the violin added into the beautiful piece. As always, save the best for the last. The impromptu at last was terrific. All the lady dancers were in colorful dresses…I guess one of them just got her birthday as the guitar players and singers all sang and played birthday song for her in a language that I don’t understand. The role dancer smiled finally and thanked the audience. The performance made my day!!!
Here is some info about flamenco:
Flamenco is a genuine Spanish art, and to be more exact an genuine Southern Spanish art. It exists in three forms: Cante, the song, Baile, the dance, and Guitarra, guitar playing. It is said Flamenco is an art of human nature. It does with the dancer’s life experience as well as the dancer’s gift. Thus, the older the dancer is, the deeper taste Flamenco can be expressed with. Gypsies played an important part in the creation of Flamenco. But also the popular songs and dances of Andalusia have influenced early Flamenco considerably.
The rest of time I spent on trying new restaurants and shopping in HK. I tried at a rest. called "Xin Tian Di" in Hollywood Plaza. The name is exactly the same as a place in Shanghai where served with all western cuisines and bars. While this rest. I went to served all Suzhou and Hangzhou style food. The plain noodle in soup–Yang Cun Mian–was delish!!! In addition, I tried a French rest. in TST–a new area I got to know this time. Yes, I started to get familiar with TST better, I mean the surroundings. At least I know which bus I should take from KCR to the place I stay–that’s what I did on this trip, instead of taking taxi to the hotel, I took bus. My shopping was fruitful, too–three skirts and two pairs of shoes. ^0^ That’s a girl should be!!!
When I was observing the autos running on the street in the French rest.  I noticed HK people were really wealthy–if not BMW then Benz or Toyota new models…from time to time porsche, lotus or beetle are running on the street. Women are shopping nuts!!! They, in their fashionable outfits, are carrying big bags and small bags, going in and out store by store. Perhaps all I saw on the street was the prosperous aspect of HK life. There are, in fact, a lot of poor people and their miserable lives hidden under the carpet that I haven’t found out yet. Anyway, that’s life, I guess!

2 thoughts on “A trip with disappointment

  1. Sorry that we couldn\’t meet, Henry. You know, I even brought my Japanese books to have language exchange with you… I should have called you again before I left HK. I guess the Tokyo Disneyland is way better than the one in HK. China has the largest population in the world. The Disneyland should be built at least the largest in the world too, to accomodate throngs of visitors.:-)Hope we can meet someday soon… Pray with my palms closed!!! ^0^

  2. hey! i was waiting your call. yes, i got your call when i was sleeping,,,, so sorry.but i tried to call back. and your number was…""unnown"" @@@@so i could not. 11sep, it\’s a preview day in HKdisneyland. i got a ticket. and i went there on that day.um, small place. u-n, not so good, i felt.

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