When losing appetite…

(Scene 1)
"Do you want to bring the meal box to office?" Mom asked.
"Nah…the restroom on our floor is being fixed. I have to climb up to the 3rd floor to do the washing." I replied.
"What will you have for lunch then?" Mom was concerned.
"Just eat out here and there or order food delivery." I said plainly.
"Be careful, the food outside may not be well-cooked and the hygiene is not good." she cautioned.
"Yep, will do. Don’t worry." I ended the conversation.
(Scene 2)
"What would you have for lunch today?" my colleague Grace asked.
"I have no idea, whatever. What’bt you?" I asked back.
"I might eat out and do some shopping." she replied.
"k. I can take care of myself."
"Will ya go out? Shall we together?"
"I don’t know where I wanna grab eats. You go first, I’ll be fine."
At the end, I strolled along the street and looked around the rest. but still could not make up my mind what I wanna have for lunch. I ended up stopping at an herbal tea store. I got a cup of my favorite sugar cane juice to go with my crackers and bread–the junks. One of my favorite singers Karen Carpenter died of "Anorexia nervosa." I checked out the symptom of Anorexia, and I reckon the way I am losing my appetite is kinda close to the description. Urgh! I hope it’s temporary but who knows… I just don’t feel like eating, especially LUNCH!!! I’m vexed to think what I wanna have for lunch; the food is not appealing to me AT ALL; I feel nauseous after tasting the food… Urgh~~~ The nausea isn’t fun.  
I really wonder if my appetite do with my height though, ha, ‘cos my aunt said I grow taller when she saw me last night. That idea wasn’t too bad, eh?! I was once asked what sort of occupation I would like my guy has. At that time I replied naively he should be an architect or musician. Haha, considering my appetite, I don’t think an architect or musician could do anything to stimulate my appetite; if he was a chef, that may improve a bit; but if he was a fisherman, wow, I could have my beloved seafood all the time. 🙂 Oops, think too faraway! Lunch time, gotta shoot!

One thought on “When losing appetite…

  1. Hey, I was in the transition from holiday to school, so, kinda lost during those few days, not really have no mood. Anyway, the mailing address you put on the mail last time is still the most updated one since that one is the permenant address of my family. Those abberivations are names of buildings in my university. I spend most the school time in those places. Some of them are not, K-Zone is for karaoke and Fed Hall is for clubbing. I can see simplified Chinese btw, Take care.

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