Mid-Autumn Day

We had a family reunion tonight in Panyu. It was an extremely longgggggggggg journey from my home to Panyu. It took us more than two hours–much longer than usual–to get to Panyu. Everything started with the zigzagging "fast way"–first take taxi from home to the nearest metro station, then take metro to the closest stop to Panyu, and take taxi again to our destination. The thought was nice but when it came to practise the idea…Urgh~~ Here is the story:
We took a cab from home to the metro station after competing in the game "Who grab the cab the fastest" with other pedestrians. Today is a holiday–everyone would choose to take cab to eat out rather than other transportation. So I can say the taxi on Mid-Autumn Day is definitely "UP FOR GRAB"!!! We got off at the metro station, and I got tickets for Mom & Dad. However, I caught the train in the last minute while my parents couldn’t. The door just slamed cold-bloodedly although Dad was trying to open it with force. Oh…at that moment I felt I was in a familiar scene of a movie, like the lovers separating each other by the door of a train or a bus. But my feeling was absolutely terrible at that time. And I also thought of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Sliding Doors–what would happen if the subway door didn’t shut between my parents and me? Well… I could write a story about it. Anyway, I waited at the transfer stop…one train passed, the other also passed…I just couldn’t see my parents showed up among those who were off the subway. Bummer! Where were they? I called my Dad’s cell and he said they were still in the train at Long Jiang Suo (the next stop after the transfer stop). Christ! I immediately told my Dad to get off the subway and take the opposite one to get back to the transfer stop. While I went down to Line 2 from Line 1 and walked along the platform from the beginning to the end and from the end to the beginning… Once again, it was cell phone that saved us from losing each other that long. I told my Dad to stand closer to the yellow line, when I walked along I would find them. Indeed, I spotted them at last!!! Oh gosh, what an adventure!
Our adventure hadn’t finished yet. After we got above the ground, we tried to catch another cab to Panyu. It was not easy to grab a cab on the holiday. We waited and waited, Dad eventually got one, however, after we all hopped on the cab, the driver said he was about to change shift, therefore, he couldn’t take us to Panyu that far. Bummer again! The driver was nice enough to drive us to the crossing, about 50 meters away from where we hopped on the cab, for free. Then my Dad had to try his luck to grab a cab from the other side of the road in the end. Time just passed us by…Dad finally hollared for a cab successfully. Phew! This "fast way" seemed to work poorly than expected. We learned a lesson–from now on, if a whole family visit Panyu, we will take a cab all the way.
We had a good time tonight with my families–my little niece has grown several teeth. She’s so cute, I was more envious of her smooth skin and chubby arms. We appreciated the moon with all kinds of food–moon cakes, snails, kiwi fruits, apples, grapes and others which I can’t name them in English. Oh, gosh! I had so much and the food was all up to my neck.We saw the fantastic fireworks at my cousin’s, too. Wow! Spectacular show in the sky. 
On our way back, we encoutered another difficult time hollaring a cab, but Dad made it–he’s definitely more aggressive than me. 

One thought on “Mid-Autumn Day

  1. how wonderful~~my family just went out to have supper in the mid- autumn day, and we can\’t meet the moon because of the bad weather.~

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