Holiday Dreaming

I was excited to find out that Russia will be the first country who permits Chinese citizens to enter the country without applying visas. Swell! That means Chinese citizen can travel Russia with the benifit of visa-free entry.   I also noticed that our company will have 9-day vacation during Spring Festival, besides three days for New Year. The coming Spring Festival in 2006 will fall on Feb.1st.–wow, so close to my birthday! If thing goes well, I really wish I could travel abroad somewhere during that time. I have planned to visit Bali next Labor Day (May vacation). Yes, the more I think about the trip, the more exicted I feel.
Frankly, I want to visit Russia–last time when I was in Harbin, I was already tempted to visit the border of Russia, like Siberia, Vladivostok…I saw flyers about the border trip in the hotel, local newspaper, local travel agency and at the airport in Harbin. Ha…I have been thinking about what I should talk about in the travel column of the December issue. Perhaps Vladivostok is interesting to talk about. On the other hand, I can do some research on it before I make my trip there. The idea is brilliant! (haha, how come I sound like a brit?)
It took me more than five months to finish the book "Lost Horizon" by James Hilton. Gosh! The story is really dull and dragging…but of course it has its climax too. Now I have to start a new book. Shh! I won’t tell what I will read but it’s something I hope more adventuresome. I think this time I will read the Chinese version first. Very soon, I will be on my way for my National Day vacation! When thinking about that, I feel energetic although I am more weary at work.    

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