Study Fever

Today I got an email from my good friend in highschool. She has arrived in London and has begun her new life on the campus. Her journal on her arrival gave me a little sense of sorrow.  What she described aroused me to think back the setback to Canada last year. Following the sequences in her journal, I saw the shadow of me–but in another part of the non-existent story–just like the movie Sliding Doors, I could have the experience as what my friend described about hers.
Last night I saw the renowned TV anchorman Mr. Chen Yang’s interview with a lady who was born in the 1960’s. The hardship she experienced was way more than me. Her only dream back then was to study–because of the limitation and responsibilty in the family, she only could knit a schoolbag for herself to realize her "schooling dream" and audit some classes in a primary school. When retrospecting that part of life, she couldn’t help sobbing in front of the camera… She only got her education in the society. Or in another way, society is a kaleidoscopic university which educate those who are not able to attend school. In return they received abundant life experience, more than those who were born in the decent families. Until now, I still remember one word the lady said to Mr. Chen Yang,"At that time I really love to go to school."
I think about myself. Yes, I have the same desire as that lady had when she was young. "I wish I could be educated overseas." Opportunities always pass us by, some people can grab them, some may not; some are fortunate to make it successfully, some have the enthusiasm but the conditions don’t allow. How to make a life without regret?
Just now we several people selected a cover picture for the Nov. issue. Three staff agreed to use the Chinese teen star, while we three editors agreed on the Harry Potter’s heroine. Well, although the result turned out to be 50/50, our chief editor had to give up the cover picture of  Harry Potter’s heroine. I ponder, how to make a balance between take-it and give-it-up? If it’s my destiny that I am not able to realize my dream, I ought to be gratified with what I have and have no complaint about where I am, I should cease my attempt or whimsy of having an overseas campus life.
I try to wrap the bitter taste of life into a candy sheet, and put it into a box; dig a hole in the ground, and bury the box deep deep deep down the earth…  

3 thoughts on “Study Fever

  1. Wow, thanks bro! I am educated by you. Yeah, I\’ve heard a lot about the scenery in Quebec. I guess I have to switch either my Spanish or Japanese study to French before I visit there. LOL. The big lobsters made me drool in my mouth…I bet you had a great meal there! ^0^

  2. forgot the lobster, it was not very expensive, it was like more than one pound for only 10 bucks, since someone in our crew is a colleage of the daughter of the owner of the shop, we got like 10% discount. we just boil it, but it was very juicy and tasty. Yummy!!!!

  3. Hey, thanks for checking out the pictures, I bought my camera in the summer, costed me $700 cdn, but it was a good investment, i really took a lot of good pictures. The trip actually costed me another $700 originally, but thanks to Katrina, we were over a little bit, around 750 for 7 days. For the Quebec street, there were some people there, the reason u did not really see them was because i set my shutter to 3 seconds, so people walked around and only left their shadow. btw, Quebec city is a good place to go, if you have a chance to come to Canada, do not forget there. Take care.

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