These are things worthy of mentioning, some may give you a kick out of it.
1. My arithmatic mind is in good shape lately. Two incidents happened recently that even without calculator, my mind of figures saved me–1) I was at the counter of a local supermarket “Trust Mart.” The cashier was supposed to give me back something point 9 RMB in change, but she returned something point 7 RMB to me.
“Hey, 20 fen more!” I immediately reminded her after checking the notes in my hand.
“Oh, please wait for a minute.” she replied.
After she finished the business with the customer behind me, she took out 20 fen from the cash register. Then I left the cashier proudly as I knew I did it right.
2) I invited my parents to have morning tea today. After I paid the bill, the manager gave me 40.5 RMB in change. I looked at the bill and questioned, “The bill just came to 55 RMB, right?”
The manager first looked at the change and didn’t get what I meant, she said, “Yes, 55 RMB. And here’s the change.” 
“How come you give me 40.5 RMB in change then?” I said without hesitation.
The manager looked at the change again carefully and understood the mistake. “Oh, I am sorry. I refund you. Please come with me.” She replied apologetically. At last, I got the right amount of money.
My viewpoint: When it comes to money, people will be more careful to count the numbers. That’s a joke from someone, who advices those who are poor in maths–If you want to calculate the digits accurately, put them into a monetary situation. I see the point, epecially since I earn every nickel out of the amount I pay.
2. I followed the instructions of a facial product which I got in Hong Kong unwillingly. I remembered the sales girl reminded me over and over again in the store–“When you are out, don’t forget to put on the anti-sun lotion. Even Snow White can’t miss putting on it.” Well, that sounds a must-do order, doesn’t it? So when I go out in the daytime now, I won’t forget to bring my umbrella with me. In the past, I just wore shades, or no more than a cap when walking in the sun. But now…too bad, for the sake of the skin, like other girls in my office, we all carry umbrellas out for lunch. I once said to my friend sarcastically, “I feel my life is like Micheal Jackson’s–neither monetarily nor behaviorwise, but how he always avoids from the sun burning his ‘beautiful’ white noise.”  
3. I spent some time sorting out my address book in my email account, deleting some contacts and adding a couple new ones. The list now turned out to be neater and shorter than before. Alas, my circle of trust is getting smaller. But it proves a golden line that real friendship can stand the test of time.
4. This weekend I tidied up the room a little bit and organized my stamp book. When I looked at the room as well as my stamp book, I felt so content. I asked my Dad if he would feel happier the more he appreciated the porcelains he collected. He said sometimes yes, but sometimes he would feel tired of the piece being there too long, and he wanted to change its display spot or hide it for a while. I think that’s what the freshness we both are looking for. I was also seeking the freshness from the new setting in my room. I was delighted that I collected a complete set of stamps finally. I know more about myself through collecting stamps and CDs. I enjoy the pleasure of constant seeking for a complete set–If the stamps are not yet a set, I have to be patient but on the other hand, keep searching for the missing ones; if I fall in love with one singer’s songs, I will keep buying his/her other albums–no wonder Dad always complained the tall piles of CD in my room blocking the sight of the window. I assume the persistant seeking is one of the important element in artists’ creation, especially to those perfectionists.

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