What did I do on Sunday?

I finally had my notebook checked out today. The problem had existed for months…but I couldn’t get the FREE time to fix it. I gotta thank the technician for his patience and kindness. From the moment I told him about the problem of my notebook on the phone to when he received the machine from my hands, he had been so nice to analysed and solved the problem for me. I was amazed at how swiftly he took parts out of the notebook and put them back later. That’s what I call–professional. Well, in fact, I always admire those computer wizs, because they can operate on the machine which I run out of solution to fix it. I asked myself–is there anyone admires my occupation the way like I do to the computer wizs? Haha…probably not. Everyone can edit articles according to the way they want. So does that mean, I am an mediocre editor? LOL    
I received emails from Spain and Poland today. I was very delighted because these two friends are long-time old friends and they have helped me a lot to build up self-confidence as well as English learning. Actually, my Spanish friend offers to practise Spanish with me. Haha…I hope he won’t be disappointed how lame my Spanish is now. I also heard from a British friend who came to record for us last month. She’s a friendly tall girl. Talking about Britain, my friend who is studying in London uploaded some pictures from central London on her blog. The architecture is really OLD. The exterior design is almost the same. I say to myself, perhaps traveling there will be fun, but facing these old buildings for a long time, I will feel really bored. Perhaps I tend to like nature more, say, the natural scenery of the loch in Scotland or the grassland in Wales etc. I do enjoy the pictures my friend from Canada shared with me. The pictures show the beauty of Alantic provinces and Quebec city. That’s what I prefer.
BTW, China also has five great fresh water lakes. Although I can’t see the Great Lakes in North America, I can’t wait seeing our Chinese GREAT LAKES. ^0^

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