I reckoned these days everything needs to be fixed–my electonic dictionary, my notebook, now it’s my MP3. Oh the faucet in the kitchen too, this morning I noticed even the one in the bathroom is leaking…Oh gees! Just give me a break!
Mr Chen Yang once said for the boys in the 21st century, they should learn the basic skills to manage the hammer and screw driver; while for girls, they should manage the needle and thread. In my case, I tend to contact with hammer and screw driver more often than needle and thread. Of course, my limited skill cannot compare with my dad’s jack-of-all-trade maintenance skills. But he even shook his head to me when I asked him to examine my MP3. "Too advance the technology it is, I’m afraid I will ruin your gimmick." He said euphemistically.
And he added,"See, you use all the high-tech devices in the house, when problem comes, you will turn to me. But when I touch your stuff, you’ll scream like hell."
I chuckled and said, "Well, if you use the high-tech stuff, once it’s broken or something, I will be really mad at you; but see now, I am not angry with myself though my MP3 doesn’t work." I added, "It’s for your sake, you haven’t used the stuff, so you won’t get blamed when it doesn’t work." ^0^ Did I make a wry argument? LOL
But Dad is great! xoxoxo   He promised me to meet me at the computer center to have my MP3 fixed today. Fortunately, my MP3 is still in the one-year-free-maintenance as the guarantee will expired by Oct.5 this year. God bless my MP3 can be saved! Well, in fact, I am hesitated if I should get a 30G portable hard drive or a 5G iPod. The former one is more useful for the time being, and the latter one is getting cheaper in HK. Errr…hate making decision. Apparently, it’s a big investment. I have to THINK ABOUT it–The moola in my pocket is countable right now.  
Dad is great because he can fix many things in the house. Since my childhood, I have been admired my Dad’s super maintenance skill. If only I could be like him…haha, probably no guys would like to be with a jack-of-all-trade lady, right? I do think about learning how to fix auto though. I once said to myself, if someday I have my Beetle, I will first learn how to fix it before I drive it. What a dreamer!
Well, our American editor just returned the articles to me, which had been on Simon’s desk for a week. Yesterday I got to know he’s sick and wouldn’t come back to work until Oct. vacation’s over. Errr…not good. Oh yes, the office will become a garden of cactus. The chief editor of CE:Teens got one yesterday, and my colleague Grace (she sat in front of me) has one and will get a new one together with me after Oct vacation. And some of other colleagues have the green plant on the desk. Cool! It’s said cactus can absorb the radiation from the computer screen. I’m unsure about it. But give it a try, and I will get one cactus putting next to the pc, where the white tiger pencil holder used to sit but now replaced by a picture of Lijiang Naxi drawing.   

One thought on “Maintenance

  1. 呵呵~~很多爸爸都是很能干的啊!我爸爸也是很厉害,什么都会修,真的很难想象没有他怎么活

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