Quick note

What happened in the past 24hours?
1. I got a set of tarot cards and was figuring out how to play, probally will bring them together on my trip. Ha, hope people in the airport won’t think of me as a witch with tarot cards.
2. I didn’t do much at work today, basically just watched two movies in the afternoon. The first one was kinda exciting, the movie was named “Duma” which is about a kid and an African leopard; the other one was “In Good Company” but I didn’t watch the ending. The download didn’t have the ending.
3. I have been trying out my new MP3–but not that successful though. I stuck at the part of how to change the format of .wma file into .mp3 file   To date, I won’t give up. I will definitely find the way…
4. I had an argument with Dad tonight about responsibility and contribution to the family. Gees, that’s the worst way to communicate but also the best way for us to understand each other. The tears helped to relieve my tension, though. And technically, I won the reasoning.
5. One of my best friends is going to get married on Thanksgiving!!! It is a piece of shocking good news that has brighten my day. Unfortunately, I will not be able to participate her wedding. But I send my best wishes to her. Wish she will have the happiest life with her hubby in the future.
6. Getting ready to travel and hoping to do the last-minute research on my destination. That’s me…always struggle to complete the things in the last minute which bring lot of pressure, ***notice, it’s PRESSURE not PLEASURE. 😦

2 thoughts on “Quick note

  1. please see my reply in my blog~~~~~haiand btw, how was ur trip? u went to wuxi,right?is it a good place to go?do show me ur journal and pics later~~~

  2. Hey, i think you may gone to Wuxi, but anyway, have a nice trip over and dun forget to get some good shot and share with me, see ya

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