“The Da Vinci Code” Captivates My Heart…

It’d be unusual for me to carry a thick book all way long to Wuxi–my destination in the past four days. It’s been a while that I haven’t fully concentrated on such an enthralling storyline. All the way…on the way to the airport, waiting for my flight, some relaxing moments between sightseeings and even before going to bed every night, I didn’t forget to grab the book to read as much as time allows. No wonder "The Da Vinci Code" has been on the best-selling book list for months. In the Brits tongue, "This book captivates me INDEED."
I had a good time in Wuxi in the past four days, actually I dropped by Suzhou for the third time as well. I’m not gonna write about the trip now but something still appear on my mind fresh are
1. There were two Japanese TV channels in the hotel I stayed. I accidentally saw the ad about "Desperate Housewives" one day when I switching channels. Gosh! "Desperate Housewives" really gets globolized–the show will be on every Wednesday evening in BS2 (Japan TV channel). Seeing the ad about the popular TV drama shown in the nation whose oriental culture is most well-kept, I felt kinda excited and awkard, especially listening to the Japanese-dubbed dialogues between the American actors and actresses.
2. I had crabs every day in Wuxi because of the special price for hotel residents. Ummm…YUM!!! Thanks to the complication of getting rid of the crab shells,  it took me several hours to finish my meal every day.
3. Every day was cloudy and rainy during my stay in Wuxi. Umbrella was in my hand whenever I was out. But there was occation that I rather put on the hood of my jacket when capturing the groovy snapshots. However, walking in the allies and gardens in Wuxi and Suzhou in rainy days was a poetic and inspirational pleasure.
4.People were everywhere in the tourist spots. So the saying that China has big population is NO KIDDING! Indeed, you can see heads of people in the places of interest.
5. I noticed many "COPY CATS" around me. Whenever I found a nice spot to capture the shots, people would just come after me or standing around me to wait for their turns. Or if I got my spot and was ready to take the shot, suddenly don’t know where the hell people coming from, all show up in front of me blocking my perfect view. Darn!!!
6. My trick to travel during "Golden Week Vacation" is try to avoid people as possible. I was particularly aware of the arrival of tour groups. They indeed broke the silence of the garden. This trip I had a new experience to visit the garden in the evening–a sprinkling evening. The dim light and peace somewhat a bit spooky. How did the ancient people live in such an enviroment. I assumed the candlelight would be dimmer at that time. Boo!

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