Mice were born in the closet! Yuck!

This morning my colleague Grace was shocked by the mess in her closet. I asked her if she was looking for something. She said she had an ominous feeling about what was going on inside the closet. The moment I sat down did I hear her scream. Oh my gosh! A mouse ran out of her closet. I didn’t see the mouse as it ran very fast. She and I were looking into the closet to expect more stuff to rush out. However, besides seeing the mess in her closet, I couldn’t see anything except something tiny and orange lying at the bottom of the closet. At first, I thought they were just the junk. Again, the moment I sat down did I hear Grace said surprisingly, "those orange stuff can move!!!" I was astonished by what she said, stretching my neck to see. Oh my gosh! They were the babies of that mouse. All of a sudden, the shocking news aroused many other colleagues to come to see what’s going on. Grace’s closet suddenly became an exhibition to everyone. Later,our chief editor Suki was brave enough to remove those little stuff out of the closet. She said she actually wanted to revenge to kill the bigger mouse as it bit on her food a few days ago, but the mice were so tiny, let the mother come back to take them away. I said, "If we don’t eliminate the mice, when they grow up, they will just do the same evil act as their parents!" Now, Grace is still in panic. What a breathtaking morning!

2 thoughts on “Mice were born in the closet! Yuck!

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