The crab cut my finger:-(

The crab shell was really sharp and gave my left index finger a cut. Since tonight’s dinner, I have to stick out my index finger just like the pose of Da Vinci’s enigmatic painting "St John the Baptist." Ha, but it’s my left index finger not the right one. Of course all of a sudden, the speed of my typing slumps a great deal. 😦
I got a medium-size cactus shaped like a ball today. I put it right next to the computer in the office. Its thorns are really sharp. My colleagues said the cactus will not only absorb the radiation of the computer, but also scares the mice away! Ha…yes our office is now under red alert of MOUSE. Everyone tries to keep the desk neat and closets clean. Well, I hope the thorns won’t prick me before the mouse. Or I would yell, "You prick, get out of my face!" LOL, just a risque joke on the spur of the moment hit upon my head.
This morning when I was having breakfast at McDonald’s, I saw a retarded cleaning lady projecting her head into a lyring rubbish-bin on the roadside. My seat provided me a straight angle to see what was going on with her. Ahhh…I saw she pulled out her head and shoulders from time to time to rinse the washcloth. She was cleaning the rubbish-bin with her bare hands!!! Oh my! What made her be willing to do such a tough job? She’s also a human being and should enjoy the same rights of a normal person. First, I don’t see it makes sense to have the rubbish-bin be sparkling clean because rubbish-bin is supposed to be filled with filthy garbage. It’s even rediculous if cleaning the inside is to make the noticeable trademark "McDonald’s" on the rubbish-bin look smarter. Second, I don’t see the point to have a retarded person to do the humble and dirty job because s/he is abnormal from ordinary people in appearance or maybe intellectually. I observed every move of the cleaning lady–her act actually drew the attention of some pedestrians as well. Probably passer-bys also wondered how come a public rubbish-bin needs cleaning. Some people just passed by without giving a damn about it…at that moment, I suddenly strongly felt the "caste system" existed seriously in the modern China society. In the government’s jargon, there’s no class, everyone is treated equally. In the capitalistic countries, the same principal functions alike. Nevertheless,for centuries, how many literary works both from the East and West decribed the apparent social phenomenon among classes. Even in India, "caste" is originated there. I really wonder if the McDonald’s rubbish-bins need to be cleaned both inside and outside in the USA as what I saw happening in front of the McDonald’s in Canton, China. Alas, I feel sad about the mistreatment of the retarded cleaning lady. If only she enjoyed what she was doing. But who knows, money is the source of all evils.

5 thoughts on “The crab cut my finger:-(

  1. sorry…..there\’s some grammer mistakes in my previous mes…ha…i didn\’t check what i have written after i finished…hehe

  2. and for the words u leave in my new space(to be honest, i do like the name u create for me..ha),i know that you care me so much,really, i know that cos every time u meet or chat with me, u have a lot of questions. i know that u want to know everything about me cos we have little time to talk even when i was still in China. i can tell u that i also cherish the friendship us. The reason i said that molly and i are really close cos we did experience a lot in the past 2 years. yep…i am afraid that i have to say the duration of our friendship is far less than that between u and me, but we are close. it\’s not ur problem, it\’s just my problem. once u said that the college life changed me a lot. yep, that\’s true,especially in grade 3,4. sometimes i think that from grade 3 on, my personality is totally changed. i don\’t know why…maybe it\’s because the courses and work i did at that time.anyway….u will find more about me in my new space…ha

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