Spanish Class

Tonight I took the Spanish class with my Mexican friend. We had a dinner @ Latina–a Brizilian restaurant. It was cool to share the latin culture with my latin friend. And I got the chance to listen to my teacher speaking Spanish on the phone. I could pick up a few words but above all, I enjoyed the rhythm of the language.
We then had a 1.5hrs class. Although I used to study Spanish by myself, I have forgotten most of what I learned. Now, everything started from the beginning. As my teacher said, he will teach me like a kid in the nursery. Well, my teacher is strict. He is patient and teaches me slowly in spite of my countless questions about things I will learn in the future classes. My teacher said I shouldn’t jump ahead, I should learn it step by step, no rushing! Okay, I abide by his words. The part of class I enjoyed most was my teacher reading Spanish magazine to me as my request. Yes, I wanna immerse into the Spanish-speaking enviroment and I enjoy listening to the language although I don’t understand the meaning. The Spanish mag appealed to me, too. Ha…probably I am a mag person now. Occupation gets me interested in all kinds of mag. LOL
I didn’t learn much. Before I go to bed, I can still remember what I have learned–the letters from "a" to "k" pronouced in Spanish; yo, tu, esto, el,ella, ellas etc. and greetings in Spanish like "Hola","Buenos dias." etc. My teacher didn’t teach me how to write Spanish. He said, first listen, then follow and I should not rely on reading and writing to memorize the Spanish words. He said I had read too much in the past and forgot what I learned quickly as well. So, I cannot write what I learn but can speak. Haha… I guess that’s a right way to learn a language, kinda like how I studied English as a beginner.
Ok, buenas nochas! 🙂

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