My day of web design

Hey there!!! Have you noticed any changes in my space? Yeah, I spent almost a whole day learning the tactics to improve my space. As I told my chum, when it comes to images, colors and patterns, I will have tons of ideas…but unfortunately, these ideas only can be described in words not drawing.
I researched and followed the steps to DIY. The process was indeed a learning experience. The most enjoyable was not the result after great effort but how to tackle the problem. I experimented over and over again; when I screwed up the improvement, I had to do it again with patience; at the same time I had to think, to digest those professional computer codes and language.  Quite a lesson!!!
While watching the new look of my space, I feel sweet and content. It’s a sense of accomplishment. I’ve missed that for quite some time. I was thinking whether a webpage editor would fit me or not. Yea, this occupation is mentioned in the character test for my result. But I always believe to lead a fulfilling life, it needs all sort of elements. I am a person who prefer no string attached. Anything is wide and spacious is my cup of tea. The list of jobs in my result–architecture designer, webpage editor or even author, all have the same common trait–space for creation. Yes, without being bound we can spread our wings to associate and to create. Buzzwords are born in the creative minds. 
Facing the mirror, I ask myself,
–Do you feel tired of thinking? 
I’d say,
–No, not at all. But from time to time, I need to rest and breathe in fresh air. That’s why space is important to me. And the profound scientific theory says, time is space. How to show time is elapsing? –The movement of subject in the space. Our breath–inhale and exhale is a movement; the blink of our eyes is a movement; the beating of our hearts is a movement and more countless movements happening just in that one second.
I must’ve thought too far away. See, that’s what I say I am not tired of thinking. Because space(time) allows me to do so. 🙂     

2 thoughts on “My day of web design

  1. Thanks a lot for your comment. I should thank you for teaching me so much about how to improve my space. I can\’t be like you, coz you are so smart and pretty.

  2. i was doing the same thing. walking along the same way. it seems like you are another Lee. But i am not another Karen, coz you are that excellent.

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