Ars Nova, Bravo!

Nothing will be more luxurious and enjoyable than a French lobster dinner plus a marvelous guitar concert. That’s what I had in the past five hours. I purchased two tickets for the Shakespear’s play "Winter Tale" in December without problem. And I could get 10% discount too. Now I want to see another performance in November–a concert of the exotic music in "1001 Arabian Nights." 
I had a seafood dinner in a French restaurant tonight–fish soup and lobster as the main dish, plus my favorite Tiramisu wounding up the dinner. Delish!!! I shall return to the restaurant for the lobster again. Although the dish is small and the price is high, however, compared to that Shanghaiese restaurant I went to a few days ago which also offered the expensive but small dishes, I will choose the French lobster instead. I went crazy for seafood! Oh, c’mon, hurry hurry show up, my fisherman guy.
The concert was bravo. Four guitar players from Rome, Italy showed piece after piece of fresh music to audience, as their group’s name "Ars Nova"–new art, a new taste of guitar piece. Probably because I used to play guitar, I had special liking for the guitar quartet’s performance. Before the concert, I had heard of the friendliness of Italian. Indeed, these four Italian guitar players not only entertained us with awesome music but funny jokes between pieces. The program was like an international salad–music from Europe, Africa, Latin America… from Bach Age, New Age till last century. They showed the new use of guitar, that is, it can be used as percussion instrument. When playing the African piece, they kept beating at different parts of the guitar–percussion instrument is the characteristic in African music. I remember my guitar teacher once said classical guitar is very difficult to play but the music is very beautiful. I reckon this feature from tonight’s concert. The guitar players were so talented to animate the very instrument. As always, the impromptu at last were superb.
I spent 240RMB on their CDs after the concert. I also got three of them’s autographs in one of my CDs. Oh, what an evening!!! They were just so friendly. It was the first time that I had asked for a musician’s autograph. Here I have THREE!!! Three autographs from three talented Roman guitar musicians.
We all will spend money on things we like very much. My peers choose to spend on clothes,make-ups,food or books, but I prefer spend on music and travel. I have to be frugal of my daily expenses now because of the CDs I got tonight. They are worthy though!

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