I need to get out of the house

I need to get out of the house!!!!
Finally, 7 days of working is finished. And now I can have my two-day weekend rest. What’s wrong with me? I didn’t get up until 2PM today. Oh gosh…I must be cast with a spell, a sleeping UNLY spell though. LOL~~ If the house is filled with curse, I gotta get out of the house.
Oh I want to do some reading, hopefully I can finish the book soon. Next weekend I am gonna travel with my colleagues to Yangsuo, Jiangxi Province. Yahoo! I love getting out of the house. But I think the journey must be rough…we gotta sleep overnight on the bus. I have dropped by at Yangsuo when I took the Lijiang cruise tour in Guilin, but I haven’t got a chance to visit the West Street in Yangsuo. Hope I will bump into some nice-looking “Guailows” there. Grace and Suki won’t go though, sigh, who I know in the company will go?
Tonight I’m going to attend a guitar quartet concert. Swell! Another chance to get out of the house~~ I want to purchase the ticket for the Shakespears play in December tonight. God bless me that I can get the cheapest ticket…
I need to get out of the house so I’ll have a clearer mind about what I wanna do. Staying indoor, I will just splurge my time on sleeping or being a couch-potato.

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