Plan Changed!

Originally I thought I would travel with the staff on the weekend, but in the last minute the negative side of me pulled me back to stay. Well, so what? That’s me–probably I am used to having a familiar travel mate and sufficient time and money before my mind is settled. Neither one of them missing can bring me sense of security. Anyway, since I don’t travel on the weekend, I feel less tense and have one more meeting with my Spanish teacher.:-)
Yo soy Karen. Quien eres? I enjoyed the mag reading section as usual. Although my teacher spoke Spanish very fast, I still enjoyed chasing the lines as he read. I will work hard on it! Today I was invited to give opinions to a bi-monthly mag of CE. It was the first time I had done such a job. Woo, that several editors sitting in the deputy’s office surprised me a little. Fortunately, I was prepared and just pointed out the pros and cons of the mag. Everyone in the office was all ears and one was marking down my points…Phew! finally…I finally finished. I got the appreciation from everyone, especially our deputy editor. I told myself, not bad! It’s fun to be heard. Just hope my opinions can mean something to the editors. I cross my fingers!
During the convo with my Spanish teacher, he admited it was understandable that I was mistaken for a HKer or non-mainlander coz I am disciplined. Woo, been a while since kindergarten that I was praised with this word.  I guess so–he crossed the hustling and bustling street riskly and boldly, while I was hiding at his other side from the approaching speeding autos. He even lectured me, “People in this city are barbaric, uncivilized. If you wanna live here, you gotta follow the flow.” Yep, his words make sense somehow.
Time flies these two days, so you should know I am kinda fully occupied at work. Good sign…no need to think about too much personal stuff. Let this kind of day continues, God bless!!!

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