Just some catch-ups~~

Well, I haven’t updated my space for a few days, so now I just do some catch-ups. Actually I visited my space a few times in the last couple of days but I was kinda laxed and on the weekend I was bummed out–I slipped over when walking and sprained my ankle. My left knee got a big bruise while the nerve on my right foot got tighten up…so basically, I have been walking like a cripple these couple of days. After some rest, I am pretty much recovered from the shaky shape. Ha, it’s true though–I felt pretty wide awake after the real fall; or I can put in this way, that if I hadn’t slipped over in the dark, I wouldn’t have tasted the pain. And when I realized the pain, it was too late to prevent the incident happened to me, because obviously I lost the balance and fell on the ground. That’s quite a lesson of life, I guess.
I wonder if I should use flashbacks to catch up the things happened in the past few days. Apparently, as time goes by, the memories are not so live as right after the the incident happens. On Thursday afternoon, that is Oct. 20, Prof. Gary Swanson, a Fulbright lecturer gave a talk about "Are American Journalism Losing Their Freedom of the Press?" at the cultural and news dept. of American Consulate, GZ. My colleagues and I together attended his speech. The seats there were all taken. I guess that can pretty much tell how great the charisma this guy has.  He’s now working in Beijing as a professor from Northwestern Univ. He once worked for NBC and won more than 57 awards for broadcast excellence including three national EMMY’s. I could pretty much follow his points except some celebrities’ names in his career that I was not familiar. Anyway, he pointed out the major four news networks of USA–CBS,ABC, CNBC and Fox are owned by BIG companies like Disney, General Electric etc. This fact caused journalism in America become misleading, trivial and money-oriented. He showed us a documentary tape of Fox news which emphasized on the news presenting with bias. I remembered a reporter from USA TODAY once said, when you are in the journalism world long enough, you will be more cynical about the situation you are in. I guess that is why Prof. Swanson pinpointed the ungly facet of the broadcast in the United States to us Chinese audience. But no matter what he was trying to drive at, one point was obvious to know that the FCC or whatever intervention that US journalism is facing not yet outweigh China government’s strict control in journalism and media. I will have more questions to discuss with him if I ever sit down and savor his speech again. However, I am getting lazy in my limited spare time. 
On Friday, I finally finished the book "The Da Vinci Code." To me, the ending was a bit rush and less exciting. At the beginning of the book, all those traps, chasing, clues and all that stuff were really breathtaking. However, at the end of the story the author was just giving out the real identity of each character, that’s it! All in all, it’s undeniable that the novel is indeed a page-turner. I have never read a over-400-page Chinese book in such a short time as what I can recall in my life. What I feel interesting is how can the author put so many scenes happening in just one night. From the Lourve to the bank, to the mansion outside of Paris, then to the airport flying to England, it seemed that evening from midnight on was prolonged or probably the time was frozen like the TV series "24". I look forward to the movie next year starring with Tom Hanks though. ‘Coz to some extent, I was still puzzled about the switching identity of  character from protagonist to antagonist. Well, having read something in Chinese has somehow made my brain tend to be more adapted for Chinese than English. These days, I have problem expressing myself in English. LOL
Moreover, I have big problem pronouncing "rr" sound in Spanish. That’s a big issue which I have to tackle with. Well, no more Chinese, but more Spanish now. I watched some movies this weekend. I was sorta in the mood for hip-hop after watching "Saving the Last Dance." The black culture in the American society is conspicuous. And how the white and the black get along with each other…haha…that’s what I was kinda curious about through movies I watched these days and convo with my Spanish teacher, who was p.o. at being mistaken for Yankee when telling he’s also from America. Yea, he’s American but not North American. That’s something I should be aware of, too when talking with people from S. America.

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