I finally watched “The Wizard of Oz”!

Tonight I spent some time watching the classic movie “The Wizard of Oz.” I don’t know why I borrowed the DVD but I guess the movie is so famous among my previous generations, particularly in the US; and the theme song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” is even well-known to everyone who enjoy fantasies. Although the movie is not full of high-tech effects as today’s movies, the simple storyline and colorful picture have successfully presented a beautiful fairyland to every audience, including me. I see the reason why the movie and its theme song can stand the test of time. It seems to me that I am now the same gang of those who have seen the movie after I watched this awesome movie. 
In the reality, I am still who I am; life still moves slowly as routine. Once leaving the office, my mind is just blank about what I have done inside. LOL Today is better I guess, cuz time is easy to fill up with tasks one after another. Tomorrow, I guess it will be okay too, cuz it’s the end of the month–the deadline of the monthly mag. What am I doing now? Killing my time by writing nonsense? LOL not exactly…that’s life!
What else I have to write about before I stop? I guess not, just chill in the hip-hop!!! Woo!!!

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