Gweilo, gweilo, gweilo again?!!

I happened to have contact with a Spanish guy working in the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, Guangzhou online today. At the beginning of our convo, he was brainwashed–he couldn’t remember who the hell I am and why I showed up in his MSN buddy list. He must be drunk the previous night. Yeah, that’s how I hooked up with my Briton pal online. But fortunately, my Briton pal remembered what he wrote to me in the email. LOL Anyway, this Spanish guy name Jose–a very common Spanish male name, the same as my very good Spanish friend–told me that there were more than 4000 businessmen in the Canton Fair right now. WOW! If only my Spanish was sufficient enough to work as an interpreter. That’s my dream as always……however, it vanished after the free service for the Pakis in 2001.
Ha, I am not kidding, when thinking back what I did in the office today…my mind is blank! Hm, just remember in the afternoon I got a call from the reception desk for help. Two Britons were downstairs looking for teaching job in the language school.  Why me?
(On the unexpected phone call)
Me: Wei! (Means hello in Cantonese.)
Receptionist: Is this Karen?
I was kinda surprised by being called Karen in the company. I almost forgot she’s the only one called me Karen. 🙂 Yeah, in my univ. days, everyone called me Karen, so I was used to it. But now among the editors, colleagues prefer calling me song-yi. 🙂 Fine as well.
I hesitated a while and replied, "Yes. Yes?"
Receptionist hadn’t given me one more second to react and immediately said, "There’re two western guys downstairs. Can you do me a favor? Could you come downstairs for a moment?"
"Fine.Will be right there!" I hung up the phone shortly and ran out to downstairs, thinking it might be an emergency! LOL
Okay, here I am. I approached to the guys and said, "Excuse me. What can I help you?" After finding out what they wanted, I led them to the 2nd floor to consult the deputy editor about the next step, then I took them to the 4th floor for a further help. Finally, the manager found a staff to take them to the 8th floor for the teacher interview. Er, I know nothing about this teaching stuff, why me to lead these guys? Fine! I regard it as a good opportunity to perfect my English. LOL But we only conversed in the elevator–the guys asked me if there were many foreigners in the city. Oh you asked the right person here, hee hee! I told them it depended on which area of the city they went and gave them a couple of hotspots of foreigners.
In the evening, the Spanish class went on as usual. My Spanish teacher put on a cute red T-shirt tonight. Really cute on him! ^0^ I learned to speak numbers from one to ten and ten languages in Spanish. Among them I can speak 4.5 kinds–Chinese/Cantonese/Mandarin (if considering both spoken and written forms, they can be 3 different ones); English/a little bit Japanese and a little bit Spanish, and several words of French, Italian and German. Haha…am I jack of all trade? Exactly! MASTER OF NONE  
As my teacher said, unless I were a wonderful actress, I could disguise well. I don’t think I can be a mercurial actress but I am definitely a contradictory dreamer–that quality may lead me to be a good playwright or a screen writer. Yeah, he has made the point–life is made up of moments, as long as we enjoy every moment we have, that can’t be a bad life, can it?

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