The Third Visit to the Printing Center

Our company led us new editors to the printing center of Guangzhou Daily in the afternoon. It was my third-time visit to the printing center. My first visit was only in the ground floor for a book fair; the second time was mainly about newspaper printing tour; and this time we visited the color printing–the other part of the huge printing center. I guess I was the only one that was familiar with the surroundings among the new editors since I had been here twice before.
Every procedure is operated by computer which brings great productivity. We followed the production line to tour around the printing depts. There are so many printing terms that I am not familiar with. To me, it seems there are a lot to learn about printing. Every worker was well-trained at their posts. I took a lot of notes and heard a lot of questions from our editors. With the big noise of the machines, I barely heard what the guide introduced to us. Anyway, I learned a lot today! I finally and unusually remember what I have done at work today. LOL cuz it’s something memorable.

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