A Night of Jazz

This evening was fantastic! I got a taste of the new concept of Jazz at Xinghai Concert Hall. The musicians are from Norway and Sweden. Their performance was SUPURB!!! Bugge was the keyboard guy, his magnificient talent marveled me–the whole night he was streching his long arms, bending his board shoulders keeping busy with the keyboards and piano around him. His body was moving with the beats. The music was so abstract, eccentric and rhythmic. It brought me to a completely NEW world of Jazz! My heart just followed the beat, and never wanted it stop…oh yeah, just like that…the audience were nodding their heads, tapping their feet, clapping their hands, shaking their bodies in their seats…They were just fascinated by the music with the consensus move. The percussion player Richard was cool!~~He gave me an impression of rapper Eminem, maybe because of his outfit and woollen hat. His hands were awesome on those drums. And the other Swedish DJ Jonas had a great show with the mix of leftfield electronica, broken beats, techno & deep house. He added the basic and essential elements to Bugge’s marvellous performance. I was sitting upstairs and I could see well what a real DISK JOCKEY was–you gotta be sensitive to the note you are playing. Bugge probably knows human’s voice is significant as well as strong beats and mysterious keyboard sound. He spoke to the mic from time to time, and his voice was recorded; then the voice changed into higher-pitched or baby-sound-like or even weird repetition. That drew the attention of the audience. The repetition is killing for you won’t forget the piece, it will keep repeating in your mind…
Well I anticipated tonight’s concert and I had a great enjoyment immersing myself with the new concept of Jazz. I didn’t even care that I spent "a fortune" to purchase the musicians’ CDs. Um…they were actually cheaper than those of the Italian guitar players’ and I got posters with an autograph too. Afterwards, my friends and I went to a jazz bar nearby and had another jazz continuance. Apparently, my mind was still looking for more of tonight’s concert… I had a glass of Tequila Sunrise earlier at dinner and in the jazz bar I tried Long Island Ice Tea–the one that I am determined to conquer without falling down. LOL
I had a wonderful evening indeed!!! I’ve been wanting this half awake feeling all week long. LOL Ciao!xoxoxo

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