November arrives!

When I turn over a new page of the calendar, I reckon November has arrived. I didn’t do much last night for Halloween except having a Brazilian dinner. If it wasn’t on Mon, I might have got a drink though. Well, I don’t feel too bad for no celebration as few friends are around to chill. These days I am drowned in DVD flicks. I borrowed over 10 DVDs from the company and am still trying my best to finish them asap, so I can continue to borrow. Perhaps being in the scenario too deep that it takes a while for me to pull myself out to the reality. Say, I once daydreamed about that blue-eyes-blond-hair Swiss prince in the flick. LOL Did I wanna be Cinderella?
  No way! But it’s true though, some plots I haven’t seen but the questions or the I- knew-it-would-happen-like-that kind of guess was so darn right to how the story exactly developed in the flick. Ha~ What can it prove? 
At work, now I am working on the Jan issue. Tomorrow we will have a little meeting about the re-arrangenment  in our mag. Well, so far I know one of the columns which I have been doing will be cancelled and replaced by a new column. What will it be? Who knows? I’ll find it out tomorrow. 
Life is just like that… I am just struggling to not get sufficated with overwork or over-entertained. Cheers!

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