What happened in the past few days? Well as usual it was hectic on Friday, and my elbow was accidentally scratched by the cactus on my desk. Ha~it hurts!!!! A few scratch lines left on my elbow–unforgettable huh? My elbow kissed the cactus’ pricks a couple of times, this time should be the most painful kiss. I reckon how vulnerable human being is–just a few scratches could cause so much pain.
Later the evening I tried to take a cab to the theater for Zorror the new movie. However, a bitch queue-jumped me! I was so p.o. @ her, particularly her lame excuse–"I’ve been waiting for a long time and I am catching up with time." "Shut up you bitch! Everyone says the same reason." my mind said but I didn’t shout out. Anyway, the minute she hopped in the cab, I already cursed her would have an accident! LOL Am I mean like the queen in "Snow White"? Maybe! But anyway, I took a motorbike to my destination–Thank God! I would have missed the movie if I took a cab for the roads were in gridlock. 
On Sat I watched three movies at home. One of them was "Green Miles" starring Tom Hanks. Despite some inhumane scenes, the movie was touching. The ending was narrated by the old man which told the philosophy of life–if we were not living in the material world, we wouldn’t know what our basic needs were. Perhaps watching a flick pic was a luxuirous pleasure. Sure it would be!
I attended a concert in the evening. The first half was kinda dull but the second half was fun–Rimsky- Korsakov’s "Scheherazade" which was more relevent to the theme of the concert. Afterwards, I challenged Long Island Ice Tea–I did pretty well in fact.
Today I did some clean-ups at home. Watching the tidy table, bookshelf and places I reorganized, I felt so pleased. Yea, that’s the joy of labor! It’s not easy to keep things in order sometimes, especially when you are all bummed out from work.
Tomorrow is another day! God bless!

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