Open to public

My space has been set to private for a couple of weeks. Apparently, what I wrote seemed more to myself than to show others. Today it’s time to get out of the shell, time to see what’s going on outside… 🙂
Well, I know few people will visit my space even though I change its permission. However, somebody I don’t wanna talk to may be able to access to my space; while somebody who wants to visit my space cannot do so as I set it into private. Bugger!
I don’t know what else I can say except nagging I am swamped with work, movies and music. Ha~~that’s Gen-Y, isn’t it? Don’t know why, friends have been showing me/ discussing with me about Gen-Y these days, even my friend studying in the UK, her classmate is doing a project on Gen-Y. Yea, I cannot say I am an expert but sorta know what’s going on with us–Echo Boomers, aka Gen-Y after completing my LONG graduation thesis. Plus right now my work enables me to get closer with teens, technically, keep me young! LOL Well, in fact, sometimes I do wonder if I am that sort of “Asian nerd” mentioned all the time in the teen movies. God knows!
While composing this entry, I am chatting with two friends online, so it takes a while to complete this short web log. Ha~~multi-tasking but low efficiency. Anyway, hope my thoughts will flow in the next few days…my brain has been stuck for days…. What a geek!

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