Cultural Talk

Yesterday I sold books with my colleagues @ the book fair in the horse track. It was amazing to attend this kind of event–dozens of publishers gathering in Canton, showing and selling books and printing techniques. By roaming around the fair, I had a closer look at the domestic publishing market. Several HK and Macau publishers also participated the event. One guy with a Macau book company even sent me an overdue Macau newspaper for free. I got an overdue travel mag. accompany with a backpack as gift and a picture book about Peking market in the old days written by a foreigner. The travel mag. did appeal to me very much. It was published in Shanghai. I always hope someday I could work for a travel mag. so I would be likely to travel many places to write travelogues and take groovy pics.
I am getting more and more interested in magazine now. It’s definitely a more fascinating & colorful world than journalism. Also, it is more competitive. If only I could compare notes with great minds in this business.
Sadly speaking, there were not many people in the book fair yesterday. That’s thought-provoking–how come today’s city dwellers would spend time on the Internet, in the malls or at the restaurants, rather than visit book fair or even borrow books from libraries. This phenomon is especially true in big cities like Guangzhou, Shenzhen and others. People just care about how to earn money, but the mental need is completely neglected–totally void. What sort of culture is it?
It is really sad to hear the book sales in recent years are not as good as in the past. I continue to ponder, is it tough for author to make a living solely reling on writing?
I spend some time watching “Dream of the Red Mansion” DVD series. They are fun to watch, at least I get to know better about the Chinese classic. I am getting confused with the characters though…gotta check out the list.

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