Tears for volunteer work

In a rush, I completed editing the article of "Teen Life" column of the Jan issue. I was moved by the true story which the 19-year-old girl experienced. More touching would be the pictures I searched for the column. The girl’s dad made a movie, named "Smile" based on her true experience. So the pictures from the movie were kinda a reflection of the girl’s story. She joined an organization called "Smile Operation" to help those deformed kids in the developing countries. I always admire these people who devote their time and heart into this great volunteer cause.
I felt my eyes were wet after reading the original story from a teen mag; my eyes were wet again when I edited it for our mag; and they were wet the third time when I translated the article and read it again… I once said human being is a very vulnerable animal–it was physical prove that my arm just slightly kissed the cactus but a few scars were left in my arm; and now it is the mental prove for we were moved by the stories which just happened in our community. 
Out of the blue, I have the attempt to quit my job someday, and join the Int’l volunteer organization to help people. Yea, why not? We cannot be that selfish, only thinking of ourselves–get rich, well-fed and well-dressed… Life is more than satisfying ourselves. At least, it is true to my life. I guess if I was a doctor or a nurse, I would have immediately achieved this goal to help others. But I am not! What can I do, chicken little! 🙂 Why I call myself chicken? Simply because I am a wimp who is scared to watch horror or even going to ER by myself–I’m afraid to see those bloody faces, arms and bodies being sent to the ER. Yeah, talking about admiration, besides those who can fix my computer, I admire the Angels In White–doctors and nurses. 
Our society is becoming more and more selfish…rich people are forever rich, poor people are forever poor…without money, let alone having healthy food and medical care. They are indeed the deserted children of GOD, so when I feel down about myself, I should consider more about those who are living on the verge of life. I want to help them, save them, rescue them. I need strength to do that–say help the poor kids with their schooling, be a volunteer teacher… so many…so many I can do…so many WE can do. Wake up, selfish city dwellers!!! It’s time to help those who need help!!!  

2 thoughts on “Tears for volunteer work

  1. Cool~~Thanks for your note, pengpeng. I was surprised to read your comment–so reasonable and real!! I visited your space–the background is awesome! I will check out your space carefully later. Be my guest, be my guest, be my guest… (from the song of "Beauty and the Beast") ^0^

  2. yeah… I was being naive my whole life, believing that everybody enjoys life as much as I do until last term I learned about the third world, the poor and the ones who cannot even satisfy their most basic needs…my eyes go red every time I listen to the Black Eyed Pea song "Where is the love"… this world is just so unfair and disappointing…you are welcome to visit my blog some day~ though I seldom update it…b.t.w. I am pengpeng

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