Ads vs. Image

Our chief editors of the major monthly mags got the dissatisfication off their chests today… The ad dept. wants to make use of the color pages of the mag for ads, while the chief editors were strongly against it–the color pages in the center of the mag is the soul of the mag which represents the theme of the mag. Yeah…the silent verbal conflict was fierce, the words were poignant. The ad dept. says the ads should be published in the noticeable pages so as to help the circulation of the mag; the editors say the ads contaminate the mag, confuse readers and interrupt the pleasure of reading.
Before I became an editor, I had already known the conflict between ads and articles. But at that time I was a reader, more or less standing on the reader’s point of view to see the controversy. Of course I disliked the ads back then, but even now I don’t have particular liking to the ads in the mag. However, an outstanding ad can bring reader the aesthetic vision pleasure. The foreign glossy mags. all have attractive colorful pages of ads–from beauties to hot guys; from perfume to cool autos; from tampons to VSOP…, and I’ve never regarded them as contamination in the mag. That’s the difference between direct sales and sales in a delicate wrapper.
A well-circulated mag will attract many ads, more ads in the mag will help both the product itself and the mag; however, readers don’t give a damn about buying a mag full of junk ads. Consequently, the sales of mag will drop, and the negative circle will come about–fewer ads will be published in the mag. This works the same in TV business and Radio. If the TV/radio program is a big hit, more commercials will be on between the show. That’s tedious and annoying, isn’t it? So how to solve the problem? How to make it benefit both sides?
The other evening on my way home I was thinking about becoming an ad designer. Although I can’t draw, I am willing to think…I like the challenge to rack my brains to get the best idea to promote the product. That joy will be amazing to me! Yeah, a thinker-like ad promoter. We see ads everywhere in our life. They are almost omnipresent. It’s silly that we try to avoid them–set your TV mute during commercial time; skip the pages which have ads of your mag or newspaper; chuck the flyers even without reading it… Without ad, our world would be just black-and-white; our life would be dull. Ad can be appreciated as art; the impressive ad will bring us to another world and we won’t forget it because of the theme song that we are never tired of listening to. Anyway, I believe our editors will win this battle–they will win the land of color pages in the center of mag.
Pray for everything goes well…God bless!

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