Missing the OLD DAYS–letter

Tonight I got the influx of thoughts…okay, I guess I just let it flow. (a playful thought: man cries “Don’t let it stop!”) Ha~recently I received letters from friends one after another. Receiving letters is only a simple act but it reminds me of the old days–In those days without computer, the basic correspondence between my far-away friend and me was writing letters. Piles of used envelopes were still sleeping silently in my closet. Stamp after stamp that I have been collecting from the used envelopes. Ah…that memory is turning yellowish…
I am not against the fast email communication. But more and more, I feel it lacks something. Yes, the smell of love and the warmth of friendship. Email transmits information/saves time/cost nothing…Although we can name out hundreds of advantages of emailing, something letter has but emailing doesn’t. I was once afraid of thinking in this way, because it might be a sign of a sterotyped and traditional person or it’s the notice to me that I am aging. Whatever, this believe still lasts in my mind, it doesn’t weaken but strenghtens.
Now every time when I received a letter, I will open it carefully and slowly. I want so much to savor that moment–that very moment transports me back to the OLD DAYS–pretty nostalgic, am I? After opening the envelope, I will take out the letter meticulously and read the letter with my heart over and over again. Oh, am I going nut or what? I don’t know, but it is so familiar to me–the feeling at the moment when I receive a mail from overseas. The excitement is overwhelming, unforgettable, an upper, a hit of my day.
Thanks to the Internet, my hope of receiving letter is becoming forlorn. Most of times I wrote to my friends, just wanted to relive that special moment of receiving letter, however, what I receive is emails one after another, telling me the mail arrives safely. Haha~~~time changes, and I am aged too; if I am not aged then my mind must be obsolete.
Yea, unbelieveable!!! Words that I haven’t used for a long time pop up on my mind out of the blue tonight. I guess that’s the influx of antique stuff.

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