Holy Christ!!!

 November 17–I won’t forget this day!!! My ATM card was stuck for the first time. BUGGER!!! I inserted the card into the ATM this early morning. The screen showed the transaction was processing… It took so long…I got impatient…Later the screen light was off. Damn!!! I looked at the ATM in frustration. What shall I do next? I remembered Dad once said cried for help or dialed 110 (the emergency call). I did all I could, dialing numbers one after another–the operator from 110 adviced to call 114 to inquire the number of the bank; the operator of 114 gave me the number of the HQ of the bank; the woman who answered the phone from the HQ of the bank said I had to directly contact the manager of the bank!!! DAMN…if I could I wouldn’t have made this call and asked for your help. But the bank hadn’t open yet and I had to talk to security guard who was reading newspaper comfortably "behind the bars" (He’s defintely better than being in jail, being well-protected by the iron fence.) What’s his duty, huh? Sitting there to watch the vault of the bank but not the people’s property??? "Call the police if you want, go ahead!"  What the heck! What’s wrong with his attitude??? It’s completely outrageous!


Holy shite! I received the ticket from the "polite" security guard and waited for my turn. However, as the minute hand was approaching to 9AM, I got more anxious…the bank won’t open till 9AM and I haven’t punched my card, or I would be late for work. I called my colleague for help–Christ! She came to the bank and told me to punch the card myself–that’s what the receptionist said, she would substitute me to stand in the queue. I ran back to the office, punched the card, left my lunch box and ran back to the bank. Anyway, thanks for Grace’s help!!! On the other hand, I was calling my friend for SOS–bringing my ID here from home. Just nuisance!!!! I swear from now on I have to bring my ID all the time even though the patrolman on the street won’t check it. Anyway, my friend was already out in the early morning…I gotta ask him to detour home for this favor. Phew!!! At this time, I was already exhausted from frustration and in panic.


I remembered Dad said "do not talk to stranger when your card is swallowed." In fact, two victims talked to me about their misfortune. At first I thought they were complice. I looked around the ATM, see if I could find any hidden cam. or suspected accessories attached to the machine. Thank goodness! They helped me to avoid an embarassing matter occur. How embarassing when thinking back!


As time went by, more people came to the bank getting the ticket from the totally USELESS security guard!!! (I said it out of my anger) I noticed there were actually quite a few people had the similar misfortune like mine. No wonder almost every morning when I passed by the bank, I saw a few people standing outside of the bank waiting. I finally experienced this misfortune. And I even had a close contact with the cash escorts who carried guns standing on the sides of the cash van. The very first time I was standing so close to the gunpoint. The well-armed cash escort said to us with smile that he could do nothing about it when I asked him to inform the manager of the bank. The other one standing not far away was already intensively alert, holding his gun tightly whose gunpoint was on our side. Ha~~apparently, their guns were newer than the rifle I used during my military training.


Without my ID, I had to prove my identity to get back my bank card. I see in real life we cannot live a life like "Born Identity," can we? That the actor owns dozens of counterfeit passports of different countries really makes me envy. The manager asked if I could show any identity proof like driving license, credit card etc. God knows, I have NONE!!! It’s hard to become a person without identity, isn’t it? That’s why I HATE going to the bank, the travel agency, the consulate and places where needs to prove who I am. It’s just a piece of paper but it identifies your existence and legalizes your social status. How many people would rather sacrifice their safety for a green card of United States or Canada? How many people have been doing the under-the-table deals so as to win the legality of staying in one place?


Oh I drag the topic too far away. 🙂 I searched my bag and showed my working ID and an old copy of my ID whose back had my renewed ID number. I input the password and filled out the registration info. There it is!!! I finally got back my ATM card after the great effort–I’ve stayed at the bank for more than 1hour and half to get this card back. I must be cursed today for such a bad luck. I had a cup of coffee @ the nearby KFC before going back to the office. Somehow they didn’t have milk temporarily, so I had to have black coffee–bitter enough huh, at least that’s what I’ve been through this moring. Later I changed my mind and asked for sugar…hope it would make the black liquid easy to swallow. Actually at that time my heart was still beating fast…then I started to write down my misfortune today…


PS. After I got back to my office, I immediately endorsed my ATM card. Yeah, the teller reminded me of doing so… That’s what we often say, after one fall you’ll learn the lesson pretty well. It’s the last thing I want what happened today recur to me. God bless!!!  (I was too panicky to cry…)


7 thoughts on “Holy Christ!!!

  1. to penggy_NeverGone: Haha~~Don\’t you know I am a NUT? You see, because I wrote long English entries, (sometimes I do write short ones…depends on my mood and daily experience.) few people visit my space. Haha~~~Must be my words scare them away. Yes! CE\’s computers really need to be retired. Using them to work on words edition are barely ok, but not the Internet researching…Thanks for your suggestion and help! Now you know why I could squeeze my time to work on my blog and do research overtime@home? :-)to lee88chan: I hope it won\’t happen to me again. One Chinese saying says, one day you got bitten by a snake, you are forever frighten by a rope. I guess I won\’t use that damn ATM near my company any more. 😦

  2. i m so sorry, gal~ ya got a rough luck~ i hope everything is made in well now~~ n i hope ya wont be mad about the stupid machine~take it easy~

  3. wondering how you have the patience to update your blog every single day~~~and the entries are not just a few words only, but a whole lot of paragraphs… I am so amazed~~~guess you really have a passion in English huh…wish I have such a passion in something as well…P.S. don\’t you think it\’s time for CE to buy a new batch of computers? I\’d say upgrading them isn\’t nearly enough~

  4. wondering how you have the patience to update your blog every single day~~~and the entries are not just a few words only, but a whole lot of paragraphs… I am so amazed~~~guess you really have a passion in English huh…wish I have such a passion in something as well…P.S. don\’t you think it\’s time for CE to buy a new batch of computers? I\’d say upgrading them isn\’t nearly enough~

  5. Hi there!!! I appreciate your comment although we are just acquaintance in the cyberspace. Visited your space, seemes you are new here. You are studying in NYC, right? Nice pics of broadway…although I haven\’t been there but have heard a lot about there. Welcome back! (歓迎 in Japanese) ^0^

  6. hihi!!!!!! i am so happy to open your space, because you used english. by the way, i am not that much good at english, so i feel very grate of you. do you come from china? because you knew how to call 110! 🙂 in my opinion, maybe you knew a lot of languages, right? it\’s so fantastic. 🙂 i think everything will be ok, just look for the good way.at the same time,i appreciate you said that """"It will take you a lifetime to understand me…^0^ I am a profound human being."""" ~o~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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