The Weekend

Wow…it’s Sunday already!!! Everytime when I am sort of ready to enjoy my weekend, it’s about to over. What have I done then?
On Friday afternoon my colleagues and I together went to the art museum for “The 2nd Guangzhou Triennial.”(第二届广州三年展) A few months ago my friend and I helped the museum to dictate the speeches of “The First Guangzhou Triennial” as volunteers. Technically, I should have one free entry to the museum but…However, my colleague got the invitation from the organizer, so he showed his invitation to the usher, we who followed him all got free entry. Ha~~That’s the advantage of being a “people person.” A great number of people participated in the opening ceremony–both Chinese and westerners, probably some Japanese, Korean etc. I had never seen the GZ Museum of Art was so packed like that day. Maybe once though–that’s the Xmas party held there in 2003 sponsored by Guangzhou Morning Post. Anyway, I saw rock band performing at the entrance, the floor was kinda messy–the wooden boards were everywhere, very bumpy. If you were not careful, you would be tripped easily. The exhibits were innovative and wild. Why would I say that? Because you gotta use your imagination to understand the implication. And actually I think anyone can be an artist, as you put a rubbish bin on the floor with some newspaper kind of things as decor, that can be called a piece of art. It really depend on how you understand ART. In fact, the majority of the artworks were relevant to the city construction, enviromental problem etc. They were from different countries, too. In my impression, there were many video artworks. Probably that’s the progress of art world–digitalized! Artworks no longer stays innert and still but they tend to be moveable so as to convey real facts. That’s probably the reason why the video way of express has its large popularity. Every room in every floor was unusually noisy and crowded, which I didn’t appreciate. I guess I would visit the museum again lately to have a quiet tour. From time to time I saw people taking pictures in front of the artworks. I even had a chance to see a HK TVB Emcee three times in the museum. Fortunately for him though that not too many people recognized him, so he could enjoy the artworks without the paparazzi’s following.
On Sat. I spend basically a whole day finished the DVD series of “Dream of the Red Mansion”(《红楼梦》). It’s worthy of the name “The Top 4 Chinese Classic.” Watching DVD series is the fastest and the most vivid way to get a taste of the classic. The first impression about the novel is TOO MANY PEOPLE. I had to print out the family trees to help myself figure out who is who. But even so, I still miss some connections with a couple of people. No wonder there is a need to set up a branch in Chinese lit. major–the Red School–so as to comprehend the underlying meaning of the novel. When I have time in the future, I will definitely read more reviews about this novel. “Dream of the Red Mansion” is a novel about Chinese women in ancient time. I was amazed at the author who could portray so many women with all sort of characteristics. Just marvelous!!!
I spent sometime shopping for necessaries in the mall today. Sunday is definitely not a good day to shop–everywhere you can see PEOPLE and CARS. I got some books for the new column in our mag. And I also bought two heavy glossy mags.–guess I am really into magazine business. Okay, time to relax in the rest hours of my Sunday!!!

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