We lost the battle!

After the fierce discussion about the ads in the color pages, the ad dept. won the battle–we had to give up our two most important color pages to ads. I can’t believe it!!! The boss is really money-oriented. I’d really like to curse the sales will drop so as to exchange for a bloody lesson to these greedy ignoramuses. The Dec. issue came out today and we are about to finish the Jan issue. Actually I have begun to work on the Feb issue now. Time really flys!!!
I got an email from a hypocritical friend. I have no energy to angry with him after reading his self-defence email. Plus the serious matter happening @ home, I just can’t spare a minute to argue with him any more. Besides, the email is full of alibis. It’s not worthy of replying to it. In the past, I might be upset or p.o. but now I’d rather sit back and watch the show. I finially realize this friend has never understood me, let alone reading my mind. So it’s no point wasting my time on matters like this and people like him. He and I belong to two different mental worlds. He want to play hard-to-get while I want to cut-the-crap. Forget it! I might be a fool, a blind or a nut in the past but I learn to be stronger and more straightforward to my friends about my thoughts. How would I not welcome my friends to my city? He should’ve known it without me outlining the blueprint of my heart. But he doesn’t know and he never will. We’ll be friends as long as he wants but no more chums-like talk.
Dad’s getting better but still in pain. I thought it would be my turn to stay overnight with him tonight. But my uncle took the liberty to do so. Alright, I wait for my turn. Tomorrow night will be my turn. Won’t it be special that I stay overnight with my DAD in the hospital on the evening of Thanksgiving? That’s really called "Thanks for giving me this…" (Dad’s condition is updating…)

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