Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Today was really a fulfilling day. From the morning till evening before bedtime, I was still busy with something. This morning could be the busiest day in the week–I corrected the errors of the reading materials; had them recorded by an American(my very good friend helped us to record); edited the sound files; calculated the total time of recorded files and corrected the Jan. issue with our art editor. Tomorrow will be another busy day, too.  
In the afternoon before off work, the female staff of the company had a tug-of-war game. We were devided into 6 groups. Each group has about 8 people. It was fun and it was my first time to participate such game in my company. Every group tried its best to win the game so as to get the award of 500RMB in cash. Our group placed second!!! What a shame! We were close to win. Tomorrow will be the male’s tug-of-war game. We’ll definitely watch the exciting game. By the way, I found out today that there were more female staff than male staff in our company.
In the evening my Yankee friend and I went to an Irish restaurant to have a turkey dinner. Yes, today is Thanksgiving!!! I had a full plate of food and three glasses of warm cider and one glass of Sprite. After I chewed on the last piece of turkey, my stomach was already about to explode. And I was a bit flushed because of the cider. I could feel my cheeks and ears were heated and my head was a bit confused. As the dinner winding up with the pumpkin pie, the food was about to reach to my neck. I finished the Sprite and left the restaurant for home. I knew I had something more important to do tonight–staying overnight with my Dad in the hospital.
However, after I got to the hospital with all my bags and stuff–I was completely ready for staying overnight–Dad said to me that my cousin would be here with him instead of me. Alas, I was asked to go home with all my bags and stuff (actually they were lap top and wires). I was so excited to stay with my Dad–Because of Thanksgiving, it’ll make my stay more special. But….(sigh) Anyway, today is Thanksgiving, isn’t it? I should thank God for giving me enough time to sleep and compose this entry before sleep. Hahaha~~~ Tomorrow is another day! 

2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  1. hihi! happy thanksgiving day!!!!! although i do not know what has happened to your dad( because my computer can not read Chinese), i think your dad will become well soon! 🙂 there is no doubt that tomorrow is another day!!! "hehe" 🙂

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