Jiangxi Bureau is SKUNK!

What’s wrong with publishing too much content about China? What’s wrong with the 2-page Chinese papercutting? What’s wrong with the head of these censored people?
Almost everytime after talking with Jiangxi Bureau, our chief editor will have the last-minute tasks for us. "The news is outdated, change it!" "Too many essays on Chinese, do not do that next time!"… This time, the Jiangxi Bureau complained too many articles about China in the Jan issue. Ha! You’re telling me! So what? What’s wrong with it? I strongly approve of introducing more about China. Why can American culture become so popular now around the globe? It’s the PUBLICITY!!! America is a superpower, yes, that’ll help to promote its culture around the world. China is a great nation,too. Why not introducing our great nation in English to the young readers as well to the world? What’s wrong with it?
That’s something I HATE about my nation–people are so western-oriented, they think everything about the western world is wonderful. Just like the saying says, "The moon abroad is rounder than that in China." BULL!!! Last night I said to my Yankee friend that if you are now in Japan, you won’t hear so many local people speak English as here in China. Like the Frenchmen, Japanese feel proud of their language, their culture and their nation. Where is our Chinese nationalism? Chinese young people can’t wait speaking English to the foreigners; they feel ashamed that if they cannot speek good English; they hate Japanese because of the past history at wartime… Oh my! That’s really a stereotyped notion. How can people burn their flame of nationalism towards today’s friendly nation–Japan? What makes them to be so fond of western culture instead of our own culture? How much do they know about the western culture is devouring our own culture? When the western world is now focusing on China’s progress and economy development, it’s more necessary to enrich Chinese youth’s knowledge of our country. What if someday a westerner asks a Chinese teenager about China, and he is speechless–simply because he doesn’t know about it, let alone expressing it in English.
I really feel disappointed. In the USA, more and more teenagers prefer learning Chinese to other foreign languages because of the rapid development of China. On the contrary, fewer Chinese youth is enthusiastic to study Chinese culture. It’s really no kidding that Chinese teenagers’ Chinese scores are poorer than English. They all need right guidance. And that’s why I would like to spare a few pages covering news and culture on China. Yes, I am in great interest and I see the need to our Chinese teenagers. I HATE to see the scene that Chinese youth will become completely Americanized or Westernized someday. That’s no good to the heritage of Chinese culture. So Jiangxi Bureau is absolutely SKUNK!!!!  

3 thoughts on “Jiangxi Bureau is SKUNK!

  1. 多谢捧场!我会尽力做到最好,2月的环球风情刚做好,其中中国部分是关于牛郎与织女的美丽传说。哈~预祝你度过难忘的情人节!是否太早说呢?:-)

  2. I totally agree with you !!!! Because we r so western-oriented that make other know little about China. and that makes some foreigners have misunderstanding about China and Chinese culture.so you should stick to ur position and let others know more about China~

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