Combat with malicious websites!

I spent a morning finding solutions to eliminate the malicious websites attached to my computer IE. I downloaded a software, read the introduction, update the anti-virus software and did everything by steps. The computer wiz of our company dropped by to check out the problem. He also tried a few times but in vain. I really dislike these malicious websites.  When I clicked on the IE, the "about:blank" page will show up. No matter how many times I tried to reset, it just didn’t work. I have to work on it tomorrow when I have time again. I just can’t believe these malicious websites are so stubborn, and once they are glued to your IE, they will never go.
Today my Dad is getting better. However, his gout recurred and he was in miserably pain this morning. I asked Mom to bring him some ointment. He felt better afterwards. I met my aunt in the hospital when I visited my Dad after work. Later after dinner, I had a chat with my Dad about how my aunt understood his situation and wished him well. What a day! It passed so fast without even remembering what I did. I guess my father’s stay in the hospital makes Dad and I get closer than before. I love you, Dad!

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