Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

I finally spent an evening watching the blockbuster “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” yesterday. As usual, the flick began with the confusing scenes–a lot of actions and the scenes are very loud, especially when you are watching in the theatre, you’ll be definitely horrified. I am not a horror fan, so my heart was beating really fast when hearing the explosions of sound came out of the screen all of a sudden. 
Our teen mag. introduced this flick in November. I sort of know that the flick didn’t cover the whole story of the original book, although it lasted for almost two and a half hours. The first impression of Harry Potter on the screen was like “Wow! What a big man! That doesn’t look like a 14-year-old boy, does it?” I barely remember the previous three Harry Potter movies, but all I can say is they are all full of imagination. In the 4th movie, I particularly like that magic pen which can take notes all by itself. It’s really amazing!
As the critics believe that Harry Potter is evil, I somewhat feel the same from time to time while watching the movie. The focus on wizardry and magic in the books somewhat fascinate the kids to witches and magic spells something like those. But I also understand, only in the magical world can the author’s imagination fully prevail over reality. Above all, I admire J.K. Rowling’s imaginative and creative mind.
(Epilogue) Just now I visited my Dad in the hospital. He’s getting better but doctor suggested him stay a couple more days. Because Dad has a fat belly, the cut in the belly may recover slowly. I joked with my Dad at what the doctor said about his fat belly. He moved to a new bigger ward yesterday. There are five beds but only one patient in the same ward with him. Now he can be a real “bed-potato”–watching TV in bed to kill his time and the TV remote is in his hand.
       Later in the evening, Mom and I had a dinner in the restaurant. The funny thing was two black guys sitting at the next table walked to the door after dinner and they passed by our table. The big boogie walking in the front said to me in a super deep voice, “Hi, how’s going?” Holy shoot! That almost scared the hell of me. I smiled back to the friendly guys as they walked out the door. I said to Mom that I was so shock to hear greetings from the black guy. I joked that what if the next minute after his friendly greeting, he would show the gun or knife something. Ha,such wild imagination! I must’ve watched too many flicks about black gangsters. Then Mom told me the black guys looked at us when they walked by (probably they heard I spoke English~~) and she nodded her head. Oh no~~Mom nodded to them!!! No wonder the boogie was so nice to say hi back to me. What a shock!!!

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